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Revista de Imprensa Asiática Principais Notícias

  • sexta, 27 fevereiro 2015 Índia

     India has called for an urgent action to reform the UN Security Council this year, arguing the most-powerful body of the United Nations itself embodies the undemocratic stranglehold of the privileges of a few, forged by a wartime alliance that no longer exists.

  • sexta, 27 fevereiro 2015 China


    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi speaks to members of the media outside the United Nations Security Council chamber during a meeting of the Council at United Nations headquarters in New York, February 23, 2015. Wang was presiding over the meeting, to discuss maintenance of international peace and security, as current Security Council President.


  • sexta, 27 fevereiro 2015 Japão

    Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Koya Nishikawa submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday following revelations of political donations, saying he wanted to avoid an adverse impact on the current Diet deliberations.

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