• Nº 13

    Nº 13





    Nuno Ventura

    Ásia-Central: O Novo Grande Jogo


    Tiago Vasconcelos

    A Ascensão da China – Alguns Cenários Estratégicos a Longo Prazo


    Christopher R. Hughes

    The Global Economy and China’s ‘Peaceful Development’


    Lawrence Saez

    China’s Global Emergence and the Theoretical Linkages between Multilateralism and Peripheral Stability


    Ian Townsend-Gault

    China, Southeast Asia and Energy Security: The Impact on Maritime Boundary and Territorial Disputes


    Ip Kuai Peng

    A Political and Economic Analysis on the Service Platform for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese Speaking Countries


    Lin Qian

    Person Principle or Territorial Principle? A Study on the laws which were applied to the criminal cases concerning natives and foreigners in Macao


    Susana Moreira

    Chinese Investment in Latin America’s Oil Sector

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  • Nº 12

    Nº 12

    2º semestre 2007




     Narana Coissoró

    A Ajuda da China a Angola: Os possíveis Riscos


    Raquel Vaz-Pinto

    A Política Externa Chinesa e os Direitos Humanos


    Marco António Baptista Martins

    BRICS, ASEAN, África no Quadro Diplomático da Presidência Portuguesa da EU


    Dilma Esteves

    China-Angola: The Opportunities of a Cooperation


    João de Deus Ramos

    Kangxi, Os Jesuítas e o Aforismo Jing Tian


    Mónica Ferro

    Chasing Failure Away in Timor Leste


    Tânia Ganito

    As Políticas Oficiais Chinesas para as Minorias Nacionais


    M.J. Akbar

    The Axis of Equals and the Arc of Turbulence: Looming Changes in the Securty Relationship Between the U.S. and the Muslim World

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  • Nº 11

    Nº 11

    1º semestre de 2007




    Carlos Piteira

    As Potencialidades de Macau no Eixo das Relações Bilaterais entre a República Popular da China e os Países de Língua Portuguesa


    Irene Rodrigues

    Entre a Jiating e o Gongzuo: Ideologias de Género Chinesas na Migração


    Moisés Silva Fernandes

    Os Incidentes das Portas do Cerco de Macau em 1952: O conflito entre os compromissos internacionais e os condicionalismos locais


    Susana Moreira

    Brazil-China Relations


    Amaury Porto de Oliveira

    A Indochina entre a China e o Japão


    Ana Alves

    The Resurgence of China’s Third World Policy in the 21st Century


    Eugénio Viassa Monteiro

    A Expansão da Economia Indiana e os Desafios para o Empreendedorismo Social

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  • Nº 10

    Nº 10

    2º semestre 2006




    Wang Xiaomin

    China’s Perceptions of India


    Major General Dipankar Banerjee

    Perceptions of China from India


    Sanjay Peters

    The Re-Emergence of China and India: Implications for the Global Economy


    Zhang Yuyan

    The Relationship between China and India within the Framework of Asian Economic Integration


    Adriano Moreira

    Westerners and Asia


    Talmiz hmad

    China’s and India’s Energy Security Strategies: Competing for Resources Around the World


    Raquel Vaz-Pinto

    Sino-Indian Relations and the Reform of United Nations


    Joaquín P. Arroyo

    Sinibaldo de Mas – The First Spanish Amabassador to China Biographical Notes on a Spanish Diplomat and Adventurer Who Opened Ventures Between China and the West

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  • Nº 09

    Nº 09

    1º semestre 2006




    Cheol Hee Park

    Changing Security Terrains and Alliance Transformation in Northeast Asia


    Mehdi Parvizi Amineh

    Global Energy Security and its Impediments – The case of the Caspian Region


    Dora A. E. Martins

    Chinese Regional Security Strategy: Zoghe Anquan and Hezuo Anquan


    Tsukasa Shibuya

    The Possible Conflict between both Sides of the Taiwan Straits


    Sun Shengliang

    The Current Security Situation Across the Taiwan Strait and its Prospects


    B. Raman

    International Jihadi Terrorism & Europe – an Indian Perspective


    Hamid Nasir Chatta

    Peace Process in South Asia


    António Vasconcelos de Saldanha

    Fr. Tomás Pereira, S.J. and Exercise on Intellect, Loyalty and Moral Authority

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  • sexta, 22 março 2019 Coreia do Sul - Coreia do Norte

    "Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon said Wednesday inter-Korean economic cooperation should be pursued in a way that does not hamper international sanctions."



  • sexta, 22 março 2019 Tailândia

    "The army lodged a complaint against the US-based administrator of the CSI LA Facebook page on Wednesday over the release of a document in which army personnel were asked to provide support to the Palang Pracharath Party for this Sunday's election campaign."


  • sexta, 22 março 2019 Síria - EUA

    "US-backed Syrian forces said they were close to capturing Daesh’s last territorial possession in eastern Syria yesterday after seizing the militants’ camp at Baghouz, though clashes continued with some remaining militants."


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