• Nº 06

    Nº 06

    2º semestre 2004




    Xia Yeliang

    China’s Institutional Change and Economic Development


    Toshihiko Kinoshita

    Globalization and Japanese Economy


    Jong-Wha Lee

    Crisis, Reform and Prospect for the Korean Economy


    David S. Hong

    Taiwan: Present Economic Situation, Challenges Ahead


    César de Prado Yepes

    Excelling Globalization by Connecting Knowledge Innovations from the European Union and East Asia


    Rui Pereira

    O Reforço do Relacionamento Económico entre a China e os Países da ASEAN no Dealbar do Século XXI: Principais Aspectos e Motivações


    Moisés Silva Fernandes

    As Prostrações das Instituições Britânicas em Macau Durante a “Revolução Cultural” Chinesa em Maio de 1967 e Algumas das suas consequências


    Ana Alves

    A Identidade da Diáspora Chinesa no SE asiático: de chineses Ultramarinos a Chineses do Sudeste asiático

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  • Nº 05

    Nº 05

    1º semestre de 2004




    Michael Yahuda

    European and American Approaches to Security in Asia: Different Beds, Same Dreams


    He Fangchuan

    China and the Security of East Asia


    Hong-Kyoo Park

    Korean Peninsula and East Asian Regional Security


    I-Chung Lai

    Taiwan’s Perception of Regional Security – The Search for Taiwan’s Strategic Identity


    Kao Chen Wang

    The Role of the US in Regional Stability


    Cesar de Prado Yepes

    Is Portugal Ready for a Coherent East Asia? Towards a Multi-Level Approach Focusing on Epistemic Policy Actors


    Hideo Otake

    Neo-Liberal Populism in Japanese Politics: A Study of Prime Minister Koizumi in Comparison with President Reagan


    Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard

    The Role of the Communist Party in China’s Leadership Transition


    Ana Alves

    O ‘Pensamento de Mao Zedong’ na Ideologia Oficial da RPC


    José Manuel Duarte de Jesus

    O Tibete e a China – Uma Perspectiva Histórica ou a Historia Chinesa do Tibete

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  • Nº 04

    Nº 04

    2º semestre 2003




    Andrew Nathan

    China’s Ambiguous Leadership Transition


    Heitor Romana

    Topics for and Analysis on the Leadership Transition of the PRC


    Kjel Eik Brodsgaard and Nis Hoyrup Christensen

    Sino – US Relations After September 11: Background and Prspects


    Gary Ngai

    China and ASEAN


    Luís Cunha

    Integração Económica na Grande China: A Questão de Taiwan


    Hai Soesastro

    The Indonesian Economy: from Reform and Crisis to Recovery without Reform


    Pascoela Barreto

    Timor Leste, um Ano de Independência


    Nuno Canas Mendes

    Timor Leste e a Indonésia em Transição: Algumas Considerações sobre as Relações entre os dois Países


    Shri Manohar Joshi

    The Experience of India in the Parliamentary Democracy

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  • Nº 03

    Nº 03

    1º semestre 2003




    Michael Yahuda

    China’s Attempts to Woo Asia


    Kay Moller

    China’s Relations With Europe: Less Than Strategic


    Werner Meissner

    Cultural Relations Between the People’s Republic of China and the European Union since 1978


    Johnny, Chi-Chen Chiang

    Taiwan’s Economy an the Role of the State in the Age of Globalization


    Jean-Pierre Cabestan

    Crisis Management in the Taiwan Strait


    Tiago Vasconcelos

    As Relações União Europeia-Macau


    Zafar Iqbal Cheema

    Terrorism in Central and South Asia: A Pakistani Perspective


    Siddharth Varadarajan

    India Pakistan Relations in the 21st Century


    Robert Jenkins

    India and the Trade-and-Labour-Standards Controversy


    Mónica Ferro

    Trafficking in Persons in East and Southeast Asia: A Gender and Rights Perspective


    Azyumari Azra

    Indonesian Islam in a World Context


    Jeffrey Winters

    Paying the Price for Development Suharto Style

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  • Nº 02

    Nº 02

    2º semestre 2002




    António Vasconcelos de Saldanha

    Historiografia de Justificação e Justificação da Historiografia: a propósito da sinologia portuguesa dos séculos XIX e XX


    Robert S. Ross

    China’s Place in the World and U.S. Policy toward China


    Lu Boyuan

    La Diplomatie Chinoise et son Evolution


    Kenneth Liberthal

    The Challenges of Reform in China


    Brian Hook

    The Role of Hong Kong and Macau in China’s Relations with Europe


    Victor Marques dos Santos

    Valores, Identidade Cultural e Desenvolvimento: A China e os Valores Asiáticos


    Chao-jen Huang

    Analysis on Potential Common Interest between Taiwan and ASEAN


    Michael A. Scaperlanda and Matthew C. Kane

    The War on Terrorism after September 11: A Perspective from America’s Heartland


    Harold Crouch

    The Military Role in Democratic Indonesia


    James Cotton

    Australia in Pursuit of a Bilateral Relationship with Indonesia: the Alienation Engagement Cycle


    Erna Witoelar

    Building Civil Society in Indonesia


    Mónica Ferro

    Buibere, a Construção da Igualdade de Género em Timor Lest


    Arthur Rubinoff

    The State of Goa

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  • sexta, 20 abril 2018 ONU - Arábia Saudita

    UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has lauded the efforts made by Saudi Arabia to provide relief to distressed Yemenis.


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    The government has barred entry to an EU party official critical of President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal crackdown on drugs, in a move denounced by critics Monday as a gag on dissent.

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    Taiwan has replaced Hong Kong as Asia’s “bastion of free speech,” as it has emerged as “one of Asia’s most vibrant democracies,” the New York Times said in an article published on Saturday.



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