• Nº 02

    Nº 02

    2º semestre 2002




    António Vasconcelos de Saldanha

    Historiografia de Justificação e Justificação da Historiografia: a propósito da sinologia portuguesa dos séculos XIX e XX


    Robert S. Ross

    China’s Place in the World and U.S. Policy toward China


    Lu Boyuan

    La Diplomatie Chinoise et son Evolution


    Kenneth Liberthal

    The Challenges of Reform in China


    Brian Hook

    The Role of Hong Kong and Macau in China’s Relations with Europe


    Victor Marques dos Santos

    Valores, Identidade Cultural e Desenvolvimento: A China e os Valores Asiáticos


    Chao-jen Huang

    Analysis on Potential Common Interest between Taiwan and ASEAN


    Michael A. Scaperlanda and Matthew C. Kane

    The War on Terrorism after September 11: A Perspective from America’s Heartland


    Harold Crouch

    The Military Role in Democratic Indonesia


    James Cotton

    Australia in Pursuit of a Bilateral Relationship with Indonesia: the Alienation Engagement Cycle


    Erna Witoelar

    Building Civil Society in Indonesia


    Mónica Ferro

    Buibere, a Construção da Igualdade de Género em Timor Lest


    Arthur Rubinoff

    The State of Goa

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  • Nº 01

    Nº 01

    1º semestre de 2002




    Jin Guo Ping

    Daxiyanggo – O Reino do Grande Mar do Ocidente


    Surjit Mansingh

    India’s Role in the International Community


    Sunil Khilnani

    An experimental life: Mahatma Gandhi’s «autobiography» today


    Michael Yahuda

    The Degree of China’s Integration into International Society


    Yin Bao-Yun

    The Role and Development of Democratic Elites in the PRC


    Markus Taube

    The Development of Economic Relations between China and the Various States of Europe since 1978


    Heitor Romana

    A RPC na Cena Internacional: o Contexto da Ásia Pacífico


    Moisés Silva Fernandes

    A iniciativa Gorada de Franco Nogueira para o Estabelecimento de Relações Diplomáticas entre Portugal e a China Continental em 1964


    António Vasconcelos de Saldanha

    Perspectivas Jurídicas e Políticas do Estudo da Questão de Timor


    Paula Escarameia

    Aspectos Jurídicos do Envolvimento da ONU no caso de Timor


    João Manuel da Silva Miguel

    A Jurisdição Portuguesa perante os Crimes dos Indonésios

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Daxiyangguo - Revista Portuguesa de Estudos Asiáticos

Revista de Imprensa Asiática Principais Notícias

  • sexta, 19 outubro 2018 Rússia - Ucrânia

     "Officials with the Federal Security Bureau of Russia said that Russian border guards detained three ships of the Ukrainian Navy as the 

    latter were trying to travel across the Black Sea from the port of Odessa to the port of Mariupol in the Sea of Azov. The Ukrainian
    warships committed a number of provocative acts, FSB officials said."




  • sexta, 19 outubro 2018 Filipinas

    "MANILA: Rights groups raised fears yesterday after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced plans to create a “death squad” targeting 

    suspected communist rebels, saying it would worsen the “calamity” triggered by his deadly drug war."


  • sexta, 19 outubro 2018 EUA - CHINA

    “Tit-for-tat retaliation” may be the singular option for the United States to halt an ever-broadening Chinese influence campaign that 

    targets American freedoms and democracy, according to a report written by some of the US’ most prominent China experts and issued on



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