Governing Bodies


Professor Narana Coissoró

Scientific Coordinator 

Professor Carlos Piteira

Board of Governors

The main duties of the Board of Governors are to draft annual and multi-annual plans and reports, draw up the annual budget and annual financial implementation report and decide on proposals submitted to it by scientific coordinators. 

NFS Coissoro 20120223 007

President: Professor Narana Coissoró


Vice-president: Professor António Marques Bessa


Vice-president: Professor Nuno Canas Mendes

carlos PITEIRA

Member: Professor Carlos Piteira



Scientific Council

The Scientific Council comprises the President of Orient Institute, who chairs it, and all tenured PhDs. The main duties of the Scientific Council are to accept tenured members or associates, approve annual and multi-annual plans and reports, approve the annual budget and annual financial implementation report and assign R&D activities to research groups in accordance with the goals of Orient Institute.

Chairman: Professor Narana Coissoró

Vice-chairman: Professor António Marques Bessa

Vice-chairman: Professor Nuno Canas Mendes



Professor António Vasconcelos de Saldanha

Professor Carlos Manuel Piteira

Professor Marcos Farias Ferreira

Professor Raquel Cristina de Caria Patrício

Professor Teresa Manuela Rebelo Fernandes de Almeida e Silva

Dr José Manuel Duarte de Jesus

Dr Maria Regina de Mongiardim da Costa Flor e Almeida

Professor Heitor Alberto Barras Romana

Professor Tiago André Ferreira Lopes

Dr Luís Fernando Marques da Cunha

Professor Isabel Alexandra de Oliveira David

Professor Ana Cristina Dias Alves


Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of the President of Orient Institute, who chairs and coordinates it, and ten Portuguese and foreign specialists in the institute's fields, from outside Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. This committee is responsible for analysing the IO's operation and issuing an opinion on its plan of activities, budget and annual report.



Dr Jorge Rangel

Gen. Vasco Rocha Vieira

Dr José Esteves Pereira

Dr Ming Chan

Dr Sunil Khilnani

Dr Michael Yahuda

Dr Chris Alden

Dr Chris R. Hughes



Executive Office

Matheus Costa

Daniela Martins



The main duties of the Executive Office are to provide support for R&D projects and activities, manage the Document Centre, web contents and social networks, help to draw up activity plans and reports, the budget and financial implementation report, assist in applications for project funding and organise and manage scientific events and the unit's network of contacts.

Ext.: 453230

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Office 32 | Floor 0

School of Social and Political Sciences

Rua Almerindo Lessa - 1300-663 Lisbon


Tel: (+351) 213 600 426 | Fax: (+351) 213 600 487 

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