Turkey at Critical Crossroads: Dynamic Trajectories for Society, Politcs and Culture

  • 01 fevereiro 2017
  • 09:00
  • 03 fevereiro 2017
  • 18:00


Entre dias 1 e 3 de Fevereiro decorrerá no ISCSP-ULisboa o encontro interncional "Turkey at Critical Crossroads: Dynamic Trajectories for Society, Politcs and Culture", organizado pela investigadora do Instituto do Oriente, Isabel David, em conjunto com o Center for Global South, Pratt Institute. O encontro irá contar com a participação de mais de 60 investigadores e tratar os seguintes temas:


  • AKP Rule
  • Democratisation/ De-democratisation Trends
  • Issues of Secularism/ Religion
  • Protest Politics and the Negotiation of Public Space
  • The Coup and its Aftermath
  • Turkish Foreign Policy
  • Kurdish Politics
  • Issues of Migration and Refugees
  • Neoliberalism and State (Re)-Formation


Entrada livre.


O programa completo está disponível em anexo. 


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