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  • sexta, 15 fevereiro 2019 Síria - EUA

    "The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Saturday it had begun the “final battle” to oust the Islamic State group from the last scrap of territory it holds in eastern Syria."


  • sexta, 15 fevereiro 2019 Nepal

    "A new bill tabled at the House of Representatives has restricted civil servants from sharing their views through media including their micro-blogging sites, which experts claim would affect their right to expression." 


  • sexta, 15 fevereiro 2019 China - EUA

    "The United States will remain the world’s only global economic superpower until 2035 even though China’s role in the world economic landscape will become more important, according to Beijing’s latest predictions, in an apparent toning down of the mainland’s public ambitions for its future role in global economy."


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