Revista de Imprensa Asiática Principais Notícias

  • sexta, 18 maio 2018 Malásia

    New Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Tuesday he will remain in office for one or two years and that Anwar Ibrahim, the
    jailed reformist he had vowed would replace him, will be released on Wednesday.



  • sexta, 18 maio 2018 Guatemala - EUA - Israel


    Guatemala inaugurated its Israel embassy in Jerusalem on Wednesday, becoming the first country to follow in the footsteps of the United
    States’ deeply controversial move.


  • sexta, 18 maio 2018 Taiwan

    The former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou has been sentenced to four months in prison for leaking details of a criminal investigation while
    still in office, although the former Kuomintang leader could avoid jail time by paying a fine or winning on appeal.


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